Anxiety & Panic iCBT Course

This 6-week I-CBT program will focus on treating GAD, panic attacks and panic disorder. 

A faster option for the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks and Panic Disorder, I-CBT is emerging as an option that employs much longer sessions concentrated into the 6-week timeframe.

About the Course

This 6-week iCBT (Intensive Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) course will introduce you to Mindfulness and iCBT tools and techniques that focus on treating Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks and panic disorder. 

Research on the effectiveness of iCBT suggests that it is effective for treating Anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder, anxiety symptoms in children with mild autism spectrum disorder, and severe mood disorders.

I-CBT may also help people who have tried traditional CBT, but have not found it feasible or successful. Alternatively, I-CBT sessions may introduce people to this form of psychotherapy, and its benefits, thus serving as a catalyst for traditional CBT treatment.

Course Factfile

Anxiety & Panic
  • Course by : House of Self
  • Course Duration : 6 weeks

Price: TBC
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Course Programme

The 6-week course is delivered via our online learning academy. You will be presented with a series of two or three video-style lessons, where we will provide guidance and insight on the topic we are addressing that week. We will also present exercises for the week and take you through the tool or practices. You will also find a case study to help you gain concept and a reflection. At the end of each lesson you will be given a ‘self-work’ assignment for you to complete before the next week’s module.

  • Course Orientation
  • Module 1 : Anxiety and Panic
  • Module 2 : Why We Panic
  • Module 3 : Anxious Thoughts
  • Module 4 : Anxious Emotions (panic)
  • Module 5 : Panic Triggers 
  • Module 6 : Goals for Managing Panic and Anxiety
  • Conclusion

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