What is online therapy?

Online therapy, also called Teletherapy, is counselling via the internet.

Online therapy takes place between a therapist and client virtually (online) rather than in person at House of Self. The therapeutic work is exchanged via a secure and private video session. We use a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform which ensures end-to-end data encryption. Please be aware that online therapy is not appropriate for life-threatening situations or emergencies. For emergencies please go to your nearest emergency department or call your relevant emergency service number.

What to expect during online therapy?

Online therapy helps reduce many of the barriers people face when hoping to access vital mental health support.

Aside from not being in the same room as your therapist, therapy is basically the same. If you have become accustomed to traditional in-person therapy in the past, online therapy will feel a little different. Our therapists will help you to adjust to your digital environment and support you during your first online exchange. Online therapy is the perfect option if your personal or work circumstances make it difficult for you to travel to in-person appointments. If you struggle to find childcare, feel safer in your home or feel uncomfortable going to a therapy service then online therapy is a great solution.

How does it work?

Our online therapy is completely secure, private and confidential.

We use a HIPAA secure video platform. Prior to your first session, we will send you some instructions on how to use the virtual platform. Before your therapy session, it’s important you are able to identify a private room or space that is equipped with internet access and a computer with a webcam.

What happens if we have technical difficulties?

It’s important to test your wifi connection before your session to ensure you have a strong signal. We also recommend choosing a secure wifi network as opposed to a public one. Despite careful preparation, it’s possible you may encounter technical issues like video freezing or getting disconnected. During your first session your therapist will explore with you the range of options and next steps should this occur.

Do you have any covid-19 support available?

If the thought of starting online therapy overwhelms you right now, perhaps a supported chat might help?

If you are struggling with anxiety, fear, irritability, or poor concentration during this pandemic, our 30-minute supported chats might help you to unburden as and when you need it.

These conversations will offer a supportive dialogue, rather than a counselling session. During the conversation, you will be able to share your current concerns with a counsellor and have an opportunity to think about your situation from an emotional/psychological perspective. We will also be able to recommend some specific online resources (including free to use online programmes) for you. Unfortunately, at this time, it will not be possible to speak to a specific counsellor within House of Self. Supported chats cost £30.00 for 30 minutes.

Digital Care Guide

Read our digital care guide to help you manage your mental health and cope during a global pandemic.
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  • Alternative support

How do I get started?

You can find out more about our intake process on our fee page. Get in touch and let us know a little bit about what you are looking for and to find out if we are the right fit for you.

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