Develop Emotional Resilience and Thrive (MCBT) Course

This 6-week self-paced online course will provide you with the tools needed to build resilience in order to better manage the challenges faced in life. 

This course will provide you with tools and techniques that are rooted in the practices of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. You will find a combination of informal and formal mindfulness practices alongside worksheets and journaling.

About the Course

Emotional resilience is the ability to manage, and even thrive in the event of stressful situations experienced throughout our lifetime.

For many years, professionals believed the ability to become emotionally resilient during highly stressful situations was something a person was born with, thankfully, following years of developed research in the field we now know that resilience is something that can be learned.

This 6-week self-paced online course, developed by our team of registered psychotherapists, will provide you with the key concepts and ideas that underpin emotional resilience. You will gain insight into how emotional resilience develops and how to arm yourself with the tools, techniques and strategies to successfully navigate difficult situations in your own emotional and professional life.

Good emotional resilience enables you to increase personal and professional productivity, improve morale, reduce absenteeism, manage your stress and improve team relations. By the end of this course you will be able to confidently apply your learning and become more emotionally resilient in order to truly thrive in any situation.

Course Factfile

Develop Emotional Resilience and Thrive
  • Course by : House of Self
  • Course Duration : 6 weeks

Price: TBC
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Increase Employee Engagement

Boosting the emotional and physical resilience of your employees is an essential part of any wellbeing strategy and is simple to address with this online resilience course.

Resilient people are better equipped to adapt to change, are more productive and are generally more efficient at work. This course uses evidence-based research to help learners understand what is happening when they’re stressed and equips them with the tools and techniques to significantly improve their emotional resilience.

Our in-house learning management system offers an engaging learning experience for employees and offers companies easy to use management and reporting tools.

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Course Programme

The 6-week course is delivered via our online learning academy. You will be presented with a series of two or three video-style lessons, where we will provide guidance and insight on the topic we are addressing that week. We will also present exercises for the week and take you through the tool or practices. You will also find a case study to help you gain concept and a reflection. At the end of each lesson you will be given a ‘self-work’ assignment for you to complete before the next week’s module.

  • Course Orientation
  • Module 1 : An Introduction to Resilience and MBCT
  • Module 2 : The Only Constant is Change
  • Module 3 : The Cycle of Resilience
  • Module 4 : Growth Mindset
  • Module 5 : Cost Benefit analysis for Resilience
  • Module 6 : Mantra for Resilience
  • Course Conclusion

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