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    Learn how to challenge your thoughts,
    ask the right questions and relieve anxiety.

    This guide has been created to help you to work through
    unhelpful thinking styles commonly known as 'Cognitive Distortions',
    and relieve you of the additional stress and worry caused by them.
    • 1
      Enhance Your Awareness

      Improve your moment-to-moment awareness by uncovering your thoughts

    • 2
      Develop Your Knowledge

      Get to know the different types of 'faulty thoughts' you might be having

    • 3
      Challenge Your Thoughts

      Identify and challenge your negative thoughts across 12 different worksheets

    • 4
      Learn to Reframe

      Develop coping strategies using CBT and mindfulness techniques

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    Thought Mastery by House of Self

    Mastering your thoughts means understanding your brain’s counterproductive ways.

    This eBook will explore how distortions in thinking, termed “cognitive distortions”, can impact your daily decisions and actions.

    The damaging thoughts circling our minds can be our downfall. They can lead to a multitude of mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression.

    Here, you learn to reframe your thinking in two steps:

    Step 1: Awareness

    Step 2: Challenging

    It’s all well and good being aware of your false beliefs, but you also have to actively challenge these in order to make change.

    What are Cognitive Distortions?

    “Cognitive distortions” sounds incredibly scientific, doesn’t it? Let’s break it down.

    Have you ever met someone who believes that nothing good ever happens to them? That all they get is bad luck? They’re most likely displaying cognitive distortions.

    Cognitive distortions are unrealistic, inaccurate thoughts developed over time through past experiences. They’re negative thought patterns which reinforce pessimistic beliefs and emotions.

    Studies show that you’re more likely to have these irrational thinking patterns if you’ve experienced significant misfortune in your life. Evolution has also been suggested to play a role in their development.

    Aaron Beck was a pioneer in mental distortion. He first put forward the idea in 1976. When working with depressed patients, he realised that it was the cycle of their negative thought patterns that was causing the continual emotional turmoil.

    To combat this, he developed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

    Part 1: Thought Audit

    We work through the various different types of cognitive distortions to help you to unpick some of the unhelpful thinking patterns you might experience.

    Part 2: Thought Restructuring

    Using CBT techniques, we help you increase your awareness of self by sharing some of the ways you can reframe your thoughts for more positive outcomes.

    A Gentle Reminder

    This micro-ebook could be challenging so remember to be kind to yourself throughout. You should be proud of yourself for taking the steps to developing ‘self’ and remember, it’s very human for us to experience cognitive distortions, so don’t go too hard on yourself. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

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      I don't mind hearing from House of Self. (You can unsubscribe at any point in one click). I understand my data is stored securely as outlined in their Privacy Policy.
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