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Just can’t find a relationship that makes you feel secure? Below, we explore relationships and how we may be able to help you.
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Whether it’s romantic relationships, relationships with family, or making new friends, many of us struggle from time to time.

Some relationships seem more rocky or high maintenance, others seem to give less back than you would ideally wish for. All of these realisations are natural (although not always ideal), but what about if you feel this way with every relationship in your life? Worse still, what if you feel unable to reach out and build relationships in the first place?

The key thing is to know when have trauma from a relationship, or other underlying issues, which are stopping you from opening up and making meaningful connections in your life.

Do I need relationship counselling?

If you feel you need help with forming relationships, or you want to improve the communication and trust within an existing relationship, reaching out and asking for help is what counts. People often shy away from counselling because they see it as a personal failure on their part — this simply isn’t true. The real failure would be leaving underlying issues unaddressed and continuing to live a life and experience a relationship you’re not happy with. If you feel you need help, reach out and begin the process.

How do you cope with relationship issues?

We all have history in our lives that shapes the way we interact with the people around us. Some have been through trauma, been abandoned, or had trust broken. The key is to understand that you’re unique, so what works for someone else may actually make things worse for you. Learning to cope is about understanding who you are, gaining self confidence and self worth, and opening up to the people you want to connect with.

Does counselling make relationship pain stop?

Counselling for relationship issues can be a long term process, but this shouldn’t make you lose faith that you have what it takes to come out the other side. Overnight fixes will not work, what you need is a comprehensive approach that allows you to rebuild.

If you identify with any of the below, you may find relationship support highly beneficial:

  • Constant worrying about what other people think about you
  • A tendency to choose volatile relationships which mirror past negative experiences
  • An inability to form meaningful long term bonds, no matter how hard you try
  • Feelings of worthlessness because you feel alone and isolated
  • Thinking that you have to stay in a current toxic relationship at all costs, despite what other people are telling you

How can we help you with your relationships?

We use online relationship counselling as a tool to help people come together and open up about the dynamics of how their relationships work. This could be focusing exclusively on a couple, or talking about wider relationship issues which also touch upon connections with friends, family and colleagues.

If you would like help so you can learn to build relationships which are healthy and rewarding, we’re always available. And remember: you are always worth more than you think.


Relationship counselling doesn't always,
mean 'couples therapy', here's how it can help:
  • Improve how you relate to those around you
  • Break free from old patterns
  • Work on your relationship behaviours
  • Improve your self-worth
  • Heal old wounds and trauma
  • Find joy with your relationships

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